How to wash indigo-dyed clothes – AI-KIREI

It’s our first video to show you useful information. This time we introduce AI-KIREI which can wash your indigo-dyed clothes. Please enjoy!

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This Ai-kirei laundry detergent decomposes bacterial remains which regular laundry detergents cannot do. Your hand-washed Gi gets smelly after washing – the source of the smell is protein.

You might have experienced that smell when you wash your regular clothing as well. If you want to get rid of it, you could just wash the clothing again and again until it comes out smelling free; however, for Kendo Gi / Hakama it won’t work in that way as the beautiful Indigo color fades each time you wash them. So far, Indigo-dyed garments always have to be washed by hand, and that has to cause the funny smell.

By using this Ai-kirei detergent, you can easily clean your Gi and Hakama just by simply soaking them in water. Even if your Gi has a strong smell that can’t get rid of with one-time wash, keep using this Ai-kirei will help completely vanishing the smell over time. Don’t leave your drenched sweaty Gi and Hakama in the bag after practice! Add this easy soak washing to your daily routine!

You can get this item on below.
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